iPod Games

Interested in what games are available online to download to your iPod?

So was I and I was looking spefically for an online pool game. Here's a list of games I've found on the iTunes store which are available for download to your iPod..

iPod games which I found on the iTunes store were;

  •     Sims Bowling
  •     Kaplan SAT Prep
  •     Lost
  •     iQuiz
  •     Bejeweled
  •     Tetris
  •     PAC-MAN
  •     Ms. PAC-MAN
  •     Vortex.
  •     Zuma
  •     Texas Hold ’Em
  •     Mini Golf
  •     Mahjong
  •     Cubis 2
  •     Royal Solitaire
  •     Sudoku

The big questions (of course) is where is the pool game?!?

At the least there could be a 9-ball game for iPod but there is not even a simple iPod pool game nor even something which you might be able to play against other people.

Hopefully Apple will come up with something soon. We'll keep a close eye out on the iTunes Games store and let you know when one arrives… 

Other cool games for the Ipod/Iphone

Snooker is the perfect game to enjoy in mobile versions. Other great games to play when you are on the run is card games, like poker games. Most of the time poker is today played online at the top rated poker sites, but you can also play mobile versions like the popular Zynga poker. Just don’t walk into a door or something when you are in the middle of the action.