Play89 launch an online pool network

Online Pool Network launched – Give it a go!

Play89 launch an online pool network

A new online pool network have launched, Play89.

This network comes from the leaders in online backgammon Play65. I’ve actually met with one of the founders of Play65, he’s a really nice guy. Knowns what he’s on about when designing a new online games network.

I’ve downloaded the Play89 game and have a bit of a play and have to say I’m really impressed. They have taken all of the good featured out of the poker networks that people have put a lot of development into over the past few years with the poker boom online and have translated that into an online pool network.

There’s the option to play online pool for free or to play for real money and you’re not pushed into the money option too hard which is a good thing. There’s also the chance for practice play in the real money version of the software as well.

One of the features I liked the most which is important when you’re playing a skill game like pool was that it popped up with a warning when you’re about to play an opponent and they have a much higher skill rating than you do. This is a really helpful feature if you’re just getting into the game and are trying not the get out-played by people who have been in the software for a long time and know all the little tips and tricks to playing online pool on this particular software.

So, if you’re interested in trying the latest pool game you should give it a go here : Play at Play89.