World Winner 8-ball game review

Anyone played on WorldWinner lately?

WorldWinner are a very large skill gaming portal which have many skill games beyond 8-ball and 9-ball for example they have card games likes Spades, Solitaire and Free Cell as well as word games like Lingo and higher skill games like Chess.

In their 8-ball pool game you can choose your opponent and go head-to-head for cash prizes. They have this in the sport game category which I find quite interesting. Some people do call 8-ball game a sport, others dont. I think I need to do some research into this to see what the consensus is!

There are a lot of community

features on the site based around how to connect with people who are of a similar skill level at playing 8-ball to what you are. This is helpful when it's your first time on the site.

Once you log into the 8-bal game page (and you can only do this in Internet Explorer with Flash, why not Firefox?) then you get to choose from a list of lobbies e.g. 8-ball Pool VII or 8-ball Pool XIV, not very imaginative names but at least they have the number of 8-ball players next to each of the pool rooms shown.

Next you need to install the 8-ball game (which seems strange when this is supposed to be a browser based flash pool game) and you are given the option of the opponents who you would like to play. A chat room is also available to chat to the other pool players online.

Now you can challenge players!

Generally I was not too impressed with the functionality of the game play compared to what is available with a site like Play89 . If you have anything you'd like to share about your time on the WorldWinner 8-ball game we'd be happy to hear your review (email gary at