Who plays online pool?

Who plays online pool?

After playing at a number of different sites around the web you can get to know who is actually playing pool online. A fair majority of the pool games available allow you to chat while you are playing. Chatting to the people you are playing with has always been one of the best things about a game of pool around a real pool table so having that online as well is a great idea!

This may slow the game down sometimes but it can be worth it instead of just staying in a chat room and not having a chance to do much else. The people I have chatted to while playing pool have been from all walks of life. Some of them are taking a break from work and are well paid executives, others are bored at home or even home-bound due to illness and online pool games give them something interesting to do for a few hours a day.

The really good players are not always the best people to chat with as they take the game a bit too seriously but there is usually a large number of people on any site that offers chat who will be willing to chat away and slow the game down a bit.

It's fun, give it a go next time you're in playing pool. You might even want to bring some of your friends online to chat during a game. It's a great way to catch-up and challenge some friends who are living a long way away from where you may live.

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