What is going on at Pool Comps?

As one of the few sites actually discussing online pool networks independently as well as reporting on different things that are happening around regarding online pool, I've been sent a few emails over the past few weeks questioning why the Pool Comps website just stopped working.

I asked around and couldn't find any conclusive answers. Even people who were in the industry just mentioned that they believe there was an email go out to members of Pool Comps saying that they were going to be closing however I haven't seen a copy of this email so can't directly confirm that rumour.

This weekend (late October 2008) it appears that the Pool Comps site has come back online however when you try and login there is the following notice;

The real money tournaments have
been discontinued till further notice

I've emailed the Pool Comps management through their feedback form and will keep everyone updated once I can confirm what is going on at Pool Comps and whether or not they are likely to continue their online pool network.


Pool Guy