Trick Pool Shot Contest

Pool Stars have launched a trick shot contest which looks like it's going to be quite a hit.

They say they've been working on their software for some time now and it's ready for the big time with a contest of trick pool shots. There's $1500 up for the contest winner as well as the title of trick shot champion on Pool Stars.

The prizes for winning the trick shot competition come out like this;

  1. $1,500
  2. $500
  3. $100
  4. –   6. $50

 The tricky part of the contest (pun intended) is that you need to upload a video of the trick shot to YouTube to be in to win. So you're going to need to have to know how to work with video online to get into this Pool Stars trick shot competition as well.

Interestingly they are only allowing 50 entries into the competition and