TeaGames and online 9-ball game

I was looking for an online 9-ball game to do a quick review of and noticed that #1 on Google for 9-ball pool game was the TeaGames 9-Ball Game.

PlayOnlinePool.com has discussed the TeaGames free play games in the past and have gone over how the game is a very simplistic, play for free online 9-ball game that has a massive level of advertising around it and has next to no real game play going on (even less than our own game).


Does this really deserve to be the number one result on a search for 9-ball pool game?


Some might say, it has nothing do with the quality of the game and everything to do with how well that page ranks in the search engine but I would suggest that this is looking at things in slightly the wrong way.


How does a growing industry online (the online 9-ball and online pool industry) expect to gain the respect of new players who come online when the first thing they see up on their search results is a free game that looks like it was developed in the mid-90's??


For sure, there is a section of the 9-ball playing populace that are really only looking for a game that's going to alleviate their boredom at work for five minutes before the boss turns up at their desk and they have to switch the pool game off their PC as quickly as they can but should it be what everyone sees when it's the first time they are searching for an online 9-ball game?


Sometimes a search result for a specific game can turn up a crappy result and I think this is one of those occasions.


Hopefully there's someone out there in the industry that can target a phrase like this and get a quality piece of 9-ball pool game software up to the top of the results to help show the rest of the world and the new players that are coming in how the level of quality of these games online have improved massively over the last few years.


If you're looking for some good 9-ball games, you can play quality 9-ball games here.