Spinning the Ball in Online Pool

One of the more interesting options that has come into the online pool world with more complex software and the 3D pool game version has been the ability to spin the ball in online pool.

If you're a player of pool in the real world, you'll know how important it is to be able to spin the ball through your placement of the cue on the white ball on striking the ball.

Over time spinning the ball in online pool has also become a "must have" feature as the game becomes more complex and as the players become better and better at the game, looking for new angles that they may be able to gain advantage over other competitors in the pool network they're playing in.

Better pool game software will also factor in that if a ball is hit at a particularly tight angle with a lot of force that it is likely to skew away on an angle that wasn't originally intended.

Where the cue is set to hit the ball is usually indicated by either a red cross hair over the ball or a small red circle on the ball. This inticates exactly where the cue will contact with the ball and therefore which direction the ball will spin.

An example of this is if you position the target on the bottom right of the ball, it will spin right (usually once hitting a cushion) and potentially spin further backwards at the same time. Placing it just to the right of the ball in the center is likely to spin just right, not backwards and so on..

The aim of the spinning the ball in online pool as well as in real-world pool is to be able to place the white ball exactly where you want it on the table following your shot. This will allow a player to position the ball ready to sink the next ball on their second shot (assuming they get the first ball in) or in 9-ball if there is no shot on this can help the player snooker their opponent by placing the white ball in a difficult spot once they have hit the ball that the table is currently on.

Whatever the reason is for you to try and spin the ball in your online pool game, you'll need to make sure you practice, practice and practice some more before you play someone in your network game as they may already be skilled at using this feature and you wouldn't want to get it wrong and put them in front of their next ball!

Good luck with your shots.