Skill Pod – Online Skill Games

The great thing about online games is that it doesn't matter where they are based in the world, you can still play them from you PC at home.

Today I found a games site which is based in South Africa. It's called and at first I was pretty impressed, thinking that I had found a pool skill games site that was actually developed for South African players. However, sadly, I found out that the site is yet another skin of the NabiscoWorld game that is used in a number of different places around the web.

It's an on-going problem that games sites pass their games around to anyone who is interested in promoting them and then when you're actually looking for a skill game that is different from one you've played before then you end up getting pretty frustrated.

If anyone of my current readers have found a new game that they haven't seen around at all before, I'd love to hear about it. You can email me at gary[at] and I'll featured the game on