Simple Pool Game

If you’re looking for free online pool games, you won’t feel let down as your search will yield a sufficient number of results enabling you to choose from a wide variety of free pool games.  In some sites, you will have to sign up as a member but most of these memberships are free, so you can play right away.

Our research of free online pool games produced interesting results.  Aside from the standard 3-Ball, 8-Ball , 9-Ball and 15-Ball pool games, you now have other pool games with unique names.  A couple of examples are Lightning Pool and Billiards Frenzy.

Lightning Pool is a game that you play with a timer.  The general rule is that you have to hit a certain number of balls so they fall into the pockets in a pre-defined order and within the time allotted. Billiards Frenzy, on the other hand, takes your pool skills to the task:  you have to “sink” all the balls in order to advance to the next level.

The Billiards Frenzy pool game may sound complicated but it actually is a simple game where you use your mouse to hit the cue ball.  You drag your mouse button and decide the direction and degree of force you want to apply.  Then you simply release the mouse to shoot the ball.  To win the game, you need to make all balls fall into the pockets.  Some sites also feature the capability to change the colors of the pool table’s felt cover.

A good number of free online pool games are timed, but there are some games you can play on “practice mode” where you need not play with an opponent.  You can play against yourself or play against the computer.

Another example of a free online pool game is one that’s called “Deluxe Pool.”  It is based on the 9-Ball rules where the idea is to put all of the colored balls in the correct order.  Starting with the white cue ball, your aim is to hit the lowest ball.  You can of course sink other balls with that initial shot.

If you hit the balls in the wrong order, you are slapped with a penalty.  As you position your stick, you will be allowed to change the spin to apply on the cue ball.  And like most pool games, you’ll want to play as fast as possible because you’re being timed.

For beginning pool players, we recommend “Simple Pool” because the rules are just that – simple and easy!  The idea is to begin with the crossed ball – you’ll see it clearly online.  You have to strike the balls in the order of one to eight.  So you start with ball 1, then ball 2 and so on.  For every ball you pocket, you earn 100 points.  If you sink the wrong ball, it is returned to the pool table and you get penalized 50 points. 

We think that for players who are just learning all about free online pool games, Simple Pool will stand out as a clear favorite.  Our reasons are:   one, there is no ticking clock; two, you can focus more on strategy because there is no time pressure, and three, you are forced to follow the recommended sequence.  By getting penalized for pocketing the wrong ball, you try your best to avoid hitting the wrong ball next time, positioning your cue stick at the right angle and hence getting faster to the 100 points – the ultimate goal of Simple Pool.