Searching for online pool sites

I spend a bit of time wandering around on Google and other search engines (yes, there are others) searching for new online pool sites that the readers of  may not have come across before.

After spending a fair amount of time doing this I thought it might be worth mentioning the pitfalls and issues I've come across when looking for real online pool sites as opposed to either fake ones or ones that are only trying to force you to click on advertisements.

How do I define what is a "fake" online pool site vs one that's real?

Well, if it has a pool game of its own on the site, that's one way to tell. Also, if it actually does have useful content about what's going on around online in the world of pool, that's another good indication. I guess thirdly it shouldn't be absolutely layered in nothing but advertisements which is probably the version of pool site that annoy me the most.

Here are some of the search terms that I frequently use to see what sites are around;

  • online pool (obviously)
  • play pool (almost as obviously)
  • play billiards online
  • play 8-ball online
  • play 9-ball online
These may seem pretty obvious but they'll give you the larger majority of online pool sites around from just a few searches.
Now all you need to do is sort out which ones are actually online pool sites and which ones that are showing in your search results are in some way fake and really just trying to push you on to another site through advertising.
I'd like to be able to say there is a way that you can easily tell which is which but there really isn't. So, the best way to check it out is to click on one of the results.
It's here that you can get caught-up and lost in a fake site so what I would suggest is to click on the search result for the type of online pool site that you're looking for, let your eye wander quickly over the page and if you haven't found either the game itself that you want to play or seen an immediate way to click on something that will play the game e.g. a launch the game button, then click the back button on your browser and get back outta there.
Sound less than a sophisticated way? It is but sadly it's the best way we have at the moment to find new sites.
Quickly in and out and this can be done within a few seconds and you'll find the site that's going to be closest to what you're looking for as when you land on it, it'll immediately grab your attention with the game that you're actually looking to play.
Good luck!