Search for pool websites

It's becoming very noticeable for myself that searching for new pool sites is getting harder and harder. One of the main issues appears to be the many uses of the word "pool". This may sound a little simplistic but when you put a search for "online pool" into Google, you do not get a list of the best (or most relevant) online pool game sites but you're more likely to get as many listings for swimming pools, betting pools and every other type of pool that is imaginable. How do you sort through the mess?

The best advice I can give (and this really applies to all searching on the internet) is to make sure you add in a few more words that describe exactly what you're looking for. In this case you'd need to type "online flash pool game". If you're looking to get even more specific it may be best to try using specific words that you know are relevant to our games. Here the best ones are probably; billiards, 8-ball and 9-ball. Depending on course on what you prefer playing.

Next time you're search for the lastest and greatest pool game online remember to keep this in mind!