PoolStars Review – Guest Review

PoolStars is an easy to use set of software – and a great site designed with your ease and fun in mind. If you have ever wanted to play pool online, this is your chance. With the PoolStars software, you'll be able to perfect your game, learn to play like a pro, or simply just enjoy playing a great game of pool.

With the PoolStars software, you are able to download and play for free. You can join world snooker champion, Steve Davis, and be able to complete in both 8 ball and 9 ball tournaments that are held online. When you win, you win PS$. Then, you can redeem the PS$ in the PoolStars store – for exclusive merchandise. There are also tournaments for PS$ that you can partake in.

With PoolStars, you are playing real pool, against real people, and with the multi-player tournaments you can fully enjoy being able to take playing pool to a whole new level. There are also leader board competitions, where you can win PS$.

PoolStars is 100% free. You can download the software needed onto your computer, and play for play money. The format is genuine, and life like, not fake or cartoony. The physics are supervised by Steve Davis. The platform is 3D, and the interface is easy to use. You can choose if you would like to play in online tournaments, or if you'd like to play Sit & Go. Not only that, but you'll be part of a real community. You can create a player profile and have an avatar, and then you can browse the profiles of your fellow players in order to get to know them. You can be a part of a real community when you are using PoolStars.