PoolStars merges with PoolSharks

Recently PoolStars announced that it is merging into PoolSharks. Two of the largest online pool rooms around going through a merger is a big thing in the industry and there are a lot of questions going around in the online pool networks about it.

It is a complete shift from PoolStars to PoolSharks with players no longer being able deposit on PoolStars and being merged through to PoolSharks. When you go to the PoolStars website at the moment you are passed through to the merger page http://www.poolstars.com/poolstars-poolsharks-merger/ which says;

Dear PoolStars Players

We have a big news. PoolStars is merging into Poolsharks (www.poolsharks.com). This is a great, new opportunity for all our players. By merging into Poolsharks, we will create a community with more players, more games, bigger tournaments and more fun.

Combining with Poolsharks will create the biggest community of serious online pool and snooker players. Checkout Poolsharks, the guys there are serious and enthusiastic about realistic online pool and snooker. And now, we will all be in the same online community, on the same platform, playing against each other.

It is easy to move your account from PoolStars to Poolsharks. Just login to the PoolStars website and visit our migration page here. On that page you confirm your transfer and download the new Poolsharks client software. Then just login with your existing PoolStars login name and password. Then, start playing. Agreeing to transfer your account to Poolsharks will close your PoolStars account.

If you've already got a Poolsharks account, it is just as easy. Visit the same page here as above, confirm the transfer, download new Poolsharks client software and login using your PoolStars ID. After that, if you want to merge your two accounts and balances, contact Poolsharks support for help (support@poolsharks.com).

Any real money you've got in your account is safe. We're not going to transfer fun money. But the whole withdrawable real money balance in your account will be transferred to your Poolsharks account after you log in to Poolsharks the first time. You will be able to start staking games right away. Or, if you prefer, you can cashout your balance from within the Poolsharks client software.The minimum cashout is $5.

You will need to decide to transfer your account by 14 October 2009. The transfer of player accounts closes that morning. To keep playing realistic, high-quality online pool and snooker, you will need to have downloaded the Poolsharks client software after agreeing to transfer your account here. Poolsharks is the only client software that is as good as PoolStars.

Effective today, it will no longer be possible to deposit money into your PoolStars account, to play games for money or create new accounts. PoolStars gaming servers will close on 28 September. If you want to keep playing high-quality online pool for money, you need to move to Poolsharks.

If you have urgent questions, please email PoolStars support (support@poolstars.com).

We look forward to seeing you online at our new home, Poolsharks.

Good luck,
The PoolStars Team

As written in the information above from the PoolStars team the gaming servers closed on the 28th of September and the ability to transfer an account will be removed on the 14th of October 2009.

When you go through to their transfer page on PoolStars and login, you are offered the option to consent to passing all of your information across to the PoolSharks site;

To keep on playing realistic online pool with a large and vibrant community, you need to transfer your PoolStars account to Poolsharks, including any withdrawable real money balance you may have in your account. Please provide your consent for your personal account information to be transferred from PoolStars to Poolsharks, by ticking the checkbox below and pressing the button marked "I consent".

After you consent, you will be able to download the Poolsharks client software and log in using your PoolStars account details.

If you have further questions, please contact PoolStars support (support@poolstars.com).

– I consent for my personal information to be transferred from Poolstars to Poolsharks.


As you would expect there has been a lot of questions, a number of upset people who enjoyed their experience at PoolStars and have invested a lot of their time in playing and gaining rankings and skill on their software which is now being thrown away.
Probably the largest issue I've seen discussed from PoolStars players is the player specific cues that were available for purchase and as winnings in the PoolStars software which are not currently being transfered as the PoolSharks software does not have this options.
It does appear from a merger perspective that both teams have worked particularly hard to get this merger to be as smooth as possible. I have personally complete mergers on this scale across online gaming cash networks in the past and can tell you that it's not an easy feat to have it run smoothly.
Generally, the transition appears to be going well with numbers up in the PoolSharks games. PoolSharks have also just recently updated the design of their website so you would have to assume they are putting extra resources into building the network with the new players they are taking on-board.
If you're interested in discussing this further, I'd love to hear more about what your experiences of the merger have been.