PoolEmpire part of LogicEmpire

So, I'm not exactly sure how I've managed to miss talking about an online pool site that is part of one of the bigger pool networks around but it looks like that's exactly what's happened with PoolEmpire.

PoolEmpire (poolempire.com) are part of LogicEmpire who also run Play89 (or at least this is how it appears by going and having a look on the LogicEmpire website).

They pitch themselves as the World's Biggest Online Pool Game Room and that may well be the case once you include the players that are also playing on Play89 into the mix.

It's an interesting question how far down similar lines online pool networks are going to go. It's quite common in other larger and better established online gaming networks for many brands to be connected to the same network with the ability to play any of the players from all of the different brands. This hasn't really taken off too strongly in online pool yet as there are not too many different types of software and the people who are running the site are looking to gain more players on just their own brand (which makes sense).

The question becomes what do you think of playing on PoolEmpire against Play89 players?

Does this cause any concerns or issues for you?

As long as the sites are up-front about the network that they are part of I think this is a good idea and can help to make sure that you're playing on a site that you enjoy where there are more players to connect with as a whole due to the other website being a part of the community.

If anyone has played on PoolEmpire for a bit feel free to email me and give me your feedback on what you thought about the player experience and if it really felt like you were playing on Play89?