PoolComps Update: www.poolcomps.com

It looks like there have been some major shake-ups at PoolComps.com.

I recently received an email talking about what PoolComps have been up to with the upgrades on their site.

Have a read;

Dear Original POOLCOMPS Member,

Thank you for your patience during the period our site was being re-developed.
POOLCOMPS.com has now re-launched under new management.

The current site is a culmination of over 5 years work, with nearly $6 million having been spent on programming and development.

Unfortunately, the old revenue model was not commercially viable. The former management did a great job developing the product, but were unable to continue with the same monthly fee structure.  We are sure you can appreciate the high costs associated with running a site like this.  The cost of programmers, other I.T. staff as well as Member support staff, not to mention computer hosting costs and the offices.

POOLCOMPS.com is a recognised brand that represents a community of online pool-playing enthusiasts.  The product itself has a large range of premium features, which make it the best online game of pool on the planet.  The interest from new Members since the re-launch has been very pleasing.

Here at POOLCOMPS.com we want to continue the objectives of the former developers and make it the best possible site for our Members.  We want to create a large community of online pool players, offering pool education as well as frequent tournaments with good prizes and, furthermore, we want to reward you for spreading the word.
Our Bonus Payment Plan pays bonuses, daily, on the monthly tournament fees paid by Full Members. As a Full Member you receive your very own sub-domain website and with just a little effort you should be able to play in tournaments as often as you like, for FREE.  With a little more effort you could earn a good residual income whilst playing the game you love.
To make this a great site for all, we need your help to introduce new Members. Our site has great features that are combined with an opportunity to play for free or earn residual income.
Kind regards,
The POOLCOMPS.com Team

Full credit to them for being open and honest with their players but do I really care that their revenue model is not making any money?

The whole new thing they have been talking about looks like it's a bit crazy setting up a sub-domain website for members to make money from.

Is this an online pool network or an affiliate marketing / money making scheme?