Pool Stars Launches Currency – PS$

Pool Stars have just released their July 1st date of launching a new currency they're calling "PS$";

"We are ready to launch an all new PoolStars on July 1st. We will accept purchases of PS$, the new currency of PoolStars. Free games will still run and membership will remain completely free, but to fully experience PoolStars (including tournaments) you will need to compete in our PS$ games.

Everyone who has patiently waited for their $25 pre-registration bonus will be credited automatically with PS$ 375 (as $1 deposited converts automatically to PS$ 15).

So what are you waiting for? Playing in PS$ will make you eligible for many great promotions, freerolls and give you the ability to merchandise store which is available only in PS$. To find out more about PS$, please visit our PS$ overview on our website where you can also find links to related information.

You can also visit the PoolStars Store to find out what exciting things might become yours with enough PS$ of course."

 I guess they have discovered that people want to play for very small amounts in online pool cash games and they need to find a way to make a $1 viable and go a lot further?