Pool Jam from SkillJam

Pool Jam is an online pool game from SkillJam that I haven't seen in a long time. I just came across it in a search for pool games on Google.

One of the reasons I haven't seen this game in a long time is that SkillJam was bought out by WorldWinner at least 3 or maybe even 4 years ago now.

It's strange to still see flash pool games like Pool Jam from SkillJam exisiting on some sites when the company behind it doesn't exist anymore.

I had been to the Skill Jam offices in San Francisco a few times prior to them selling to WorldWinner and knew a few of the people who were part of the teams responsible for building the number of players that games like Pool Jam had.

Back then, a lot of the Skill Jam network was run through white-label websites who ran their own branded website with the Skill Jam network and games like Pool Jam running on their site. This is one of the things that made the network so large.

When World Winner bought them out, they phased out a lot of the white-label partners who had provided plenty of the players for the online games as quickly as they could.

So, strange to see the game of Pool Jam still around online, especially with the SkillJam logo on it when there's no such company anymore!

Here's a screenshot of what the game looks like.

Pool Jam game from SkillJam