Pogo Games – High Stakes Pool

Pogo.com have a good selection of free browser based games. You can also play online pool on their High Stakes Pool game.

On Pogo this game is listed as 

an arcade game (or at least it shows up under the "Arcade and Sports" section) and is located at the bottom of their homepage.

High Stakes Pool links through to a page where you can sign-up for free. You are also shown a few screenshots of the gameplay from the game itself (see here).

The key features promoted on the page and in the game are;

  • Play Head-To-Head: Play 8-ball, 9-ball or Cutthroat pocket billiards with other players.
  • You Call The Shots: High Stakes Pool is one of those high pressure online pool games. Players have the option to call the shots before each play.
  • Bonus Shots: Score big tokens when you sink the "bonus ball!" Get an extra bonus when you shoot the "bonus ball" into the bonus pocket.
  • Chat with Competitors: An added feature when you play online pool at Pogo.com.

Note: If you decide to play a game of High Stakes Pool on the Pogo site, the best idea is to use an email address which is not your everyday email address. The issue here is that Pogo do tend to send out a lot of game related emails pushing the player into new games on the site. This can become a bit annoying when you only signed up to play online pool at the site and not to be hassled about other games they have on their site.

Good luck for your next game!