– Pool Hall Finder

If you're a land-based pool player and live in the US or Canada then you'll often end up in a city and not know where the local pool halls are. have a Pool Hall Finder that lets you search for pool halls by state across the US and Canada. You can also search for a specific keyword that may be related to the pool hall that you're looking for e.g. "8 ball".

It's interesting to see which states in the US have the most pool halls in them. California tops the list easily with 463 pool halls with Vermont only coming in with 5 halls.

In Canada the clear leader is Ontario with 461 although Quebec is pretty high as well with 324 pool halls.

So, next time you're stuck and looking for the best place to play and you don't have a PC in-front of you (because we all know that playing online pool is way more exciting) then you now have a way to connect with the local pool halls in the area you're in!

Good luck with playing against any locals in their own hall, they usually know all the ins-and-outs of the tables Cool