Play Pocket Pool

Pocket Pool Pocket Pool is another free online pool game I've come across recently that gives you a chance to challenge your pool playing skills.

Instead of playing a computer, in this game you're playing for a highest score and trying to fight to retain as many "Lives" as you can.

You lose a life when you sink the white ball.

At first moving the cue stick around on the Pocket Pool game is a little hard to get used to as you need to click the white ball in the game and the cue swings around all over the place at first but once you get used to it it's pretty easy to control.

The power setting in playing Pocket Pool is based on how far the cue stick is away from the white ball when you actually let go of the mouse button. I haven't seen this version used before but if you're interested in finding out how to play pocket pool properly then you're going to have to get used to this functionality pretty quickly.

It is pretty fun to play the game and I actually liked the way the power meter works after a few pool shots of my own on the table.

The balls in the pocket pool game are quite big compared to the size of the table itself so that's a little bit strange but again, this is a free online pool game so it's just there for a bit of light online entertainment, not for a serious pool player.

You can give the game a go here if you're interested otherwise you might want to play a more sophisticated pool game with pockets like this one.