Online Snooker

Online snooker has been growning in popularity over time as has online pool. Originally when basic flash games first started to come out on the internet it was pool that proved to be the most popular game, in part because it was the simplest game to build online and it was the easiest to represent on an online table with the limited screen space that most computers had for games at the time.

Snooker has now become a full-fledged online game with all of the bells and whistles that players who are intimiately familiar with the game of snooker are going to look for in an online snooker game.

As table games online have become a lot more detailed and the downloads speeds have increased then online snooker games have been able to come together with the amazing array of options for doing things like spinning the white ball around the table which is such a core part of playing a game like snooker where it is a much larger part of the game play to put the white ball in just the right position behing another player and effective "snooker" them.

The rules to online snooker are a lot more complex than other games so it can be a litte harder to show all of the information that is available.

Here are the main points that are awarded for potting the balls in a snooker game;

  • Red – 1 point
  • Yellow – 2 points
  • Green – 3 points
  • Brown – 4 points
  • Blue – 5 points
  • Pink – 6 points
  • Black – 7 points

Having a look around at the games that are currently available, a lot of them are still free play online snooker games not pay for play or pay for cash games.

FlyorDie has an online snooker game with quite a few different rooms that are available. At the moment I can see 39 playing snooker in the main room and 34 playing what they call quick snooker in another room. There is also a game available through FunkySnooker although when I tried to play it I couldn't as you need Java installed.

Having a look at what people are most likely to search for in relation to snooker on the internet is very interesting.

Google shows these as the most commonly searched online snooker terms;

  1. snooker games online     
  2. snooker games     
  3. snooker free online     
  4. free snooker     
  5. snooker game     

It's also interesting that the highest level of searches are coming from the following countries;

  1. Pakistan     
  2. United Kingdom     
  3. Portugal     
  4. Romania     
  5. Ireland

Most of the time online games are without question most popular in the United States however Snooker is not played as much there (it is mostly 9ball and pool) so it is the European online snooker terms that are most common.

So, if you're looking for a snooker game online, keep an eye out on the growing level of information we're going to be putting up on this site.

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