Online Pool Rankings

After looking around at a few land based pool tournaments a very important part of the pool, 8-ball, 9-ball or snooker community is the rankings that each player has in the wider area they are playing in.

Where are the online pool rankings for different players across networks?

This has always been a large part of the game, particularly in the context of the world pool championship events. As well as the world player rankings there are rankings in each separate geographical area or state.

This would be great to implement across a few of the major online pool tournament sites. You could give players a certain number of points for finishing in different ranks across each of the different online pool sites and there could be a world online pool ranking for each player reasonably quickly.

The hardest thing of course would be to get the different online pool sites to co-operate however that could probably be achieved if there was an independant third-party site that helped to run the set up and allocate the points in conjunction with the major network players.

I'm interested in hearing if anyone knows of any specific online pool rankings that are already around and I'll mention them here so that other people can find them as well, just email through the details to

If you're from a pool network and would like to get involved in something like this, feel free to contact as well.