Online Pool Game Designs

I was looking for some images of online pool games last night and found it interesting to see the large variety of online pool game designs which are available in the market.

online pool game designs - google image searchA quick search on Google Images for "online pool" (see here ) showed this amazing variety of game designs on the right.

You can see that the choice for online pool players is vast. There are 3D pool games which have realistic surrounds including carpet and other pool hall style imagery. There are also all the way down to the flat 2D pool game where players look directly down on the table with very little interesting graphics.

Some of the difference here comes from wether or not the game is a download or browser based game as a download game can inclue much larger graphic files and the whole table and area can be made to look very realistic.

The actual pool play itself is always going to be easier when looking directly down on the table as you are able to see the balls and all of the angles which line up around the table. From a 3D pool game where you are viewing the table on an angle, while it may look graphically a little better, the actual play is