Lightning Pool Review

Lightning Pool Splash Screen Lightning Pool is a pretty simple game run on Fizzy that starts you off through different levels of game play. Each time you sink a ball there is lightning across the game and nice loud exciting sounds that give you a good wake-up kick if you're not ready for them. I had my sound on a little too high for this game and it was a shock when the lightning flashed and the sound jumped me out of my seat! Cool

The first level that you start playing on is called "potty training" which is kind-of-funny although a little annoying when they're telling you you're a begginer without having the chance to jump into any of the harder levels straight-off.

Lightning Pool - Table Shot The levels go right up to level 15 with a lot of funny different names for them, like level 15 which is "edge of space" where "no-one can here you scream".

If you don't make it through the level they let you know that you need to take it more seriously and you have to start the level again.

When you sink a ball in the lightning pool game the pocket has a special animated graphic that pulses red lights.

This flashing and loud banding sounds is perhaps not everyone's favourite thing in a pool game but if you're into loud crazy games then this is probably made for you! 

Lightning Pool - Table Shot 2 Generally the game play is reasonably easy and it's a simple aiming system. You can rotate the cue stick around to change which angle the ball is going and as usual for simple games you hold the mouse button down to put more power into the pool shot. A graphic showing the power comes up underneath the cue stick but it's pretty hard to judge how much power is going to come from the shot as it's a pretty small graphic.