iPad Pool Games

Today I'm on the hunt for iPad pool games as I recently bought an iPad 2 and it's an amazing gaming machine.

Hopefully someone has already developed an app for the iPad 2 that is a pool game as with apple not liking flash this cuts out all of the web based pool games that will not be able to be played on the iPad 2.

Ok, the first one I've found it Pro Pool Online 3 which looks like it has been developed specifically for the iPad. Sadly from looking at their website, it appears that this has only been developed for the iPhone so far. Usually this means you can down the pool app to your iPad and play it but the quality will be reasonably low or it will be the same size as an iPhone screen showing the pool game in the middle of your iPad 2.

Here's one that looks brilliant, the 3D Pool Game HD for iPad – http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/3d-pool-game-hd/id383022022?mt=8

There is also Pool Bar – Online Hustle that has been specifically made for the iPad, it doesn't look like it is in HD but as long as it's a pool game made for the ipad then it should work well on the ipad 2 as well. Link to it is here –  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pool-bar-online-hustle-for/id380698740?mt=8

Some of the reviews for each of these pool games are really good, using words like "Addictive" although there are also some reviews for the Pool Bar – Online Hustle game for the ipad that says it doesn't work at all and crashes the system!

Remember to check the reviews for the pool game apps for the ipad that you might buy as there are plenty of times when apps don't really work properly and you need to make sure you're spending your money on a game that works well and is on you're going to enjoy.

Good shooting!