GameDuell 9-Ball Pool Review

GameDuell ( promotes itself as the one of the largest online games sites in Europe and the largest in Germany. To back this claim up it shows Nielsen statistics on the players with GameDuell at the top of the list above other well known brands like AOL Games and Yahoo! Games.

They show a pretty staggering figure of 10 million players available on the site which is a particularly big number. There are only a few networks in the US that can match this level of players and most of those are the top level brands that have massive portals to bring the players in.

One of their main skill games is 9-Ball Pool which is available here;

You can sign up to an account pretty easily although it was odd that when I tried to sign up directly from a games page there was no submit button after filling out my information so I had to go back to the main registration page and do it there. Once I was there is was pretty easy.

On the registration, they give you what they call G$ or GameDuell Dollars. This is a reasonably common way for a play for money site to bring players in and play the games for free but only allow it to happen for a certain amount of time before the players free money runs out and they look at depositing real money.

With GameDuell, a $10 deposit gives you unlimited access to all of the free pool games, including the multi-player 9-Ball Pool as well as many others.

If you sign up as a practice pool players your account is guaranteed to be free of costs and obligations:

    * The registration as a practice player is completely free of cost and obligations.
    * You can cancel your membership at any time.
    * Along with your registration as a practice player, you will receive 1,000 G$ of practice credits.
    * These practice credits can be used at any time within 6 months without any further obligations.

At least they are reasonably clear that becoming a practice player is more about learning how to play the games before becoming a real money pool game player. There are one too many sites out there that don't let players know they are really a play for money pool site but get the players in by calling the game free.

Overall, finding a practice game to play was reasonably easy (the play 9-ball for money options were very obvious as well) and the game play itself was quite good.