Funky Pool Game

Funky Pool GameThere are many different styles of pool shots in online pool and the Funky Pool game I came across recently has a very stange pool shot style.

It appears to be a reasonably old game with quite a good following of players, this is a screen shot of the free game.

Usually in a pool game like this you would see a line coming from the white ball on the pool table and this would show you the angle that the pool ball is going to travel on across the table.

In this game you see a circle with cross hairs in the middle of it. Nothing too strange about that but here's the odd thing, when you try to take the shot usually you would hold the mouse button down however in this game you actually need to move the mouse backwards and forwards mimicking the actual movement of a pool shot. Very odd and quite different to most games which are around on the web at the moment.