Free Online Snooker Games

Like the more popular pool, snooker is a game played on a table with balls and cues, although the rules are more complicated than pool. Snooker, which originated in the UK, involves getting different colored balls into the pockets in a designated order. The game is played with a white cue ball, 15 red balls and six colored balls that have different point values. It’s also possible to get your opponent in a situation where he doesn’t have any clear shot at the next designated ball; this predicament gave the game its name and is known as a ‘snooker’.


     When basic flash games became popular for the computer, online snooker was not as quick to catch on as pool, which was relatively easy to both load and play. Today, partly due to advances in technology and increased download speeds, online snooker has become much more popular and most sites offer an array of visual and sound effects. The game is more popular in the UK and Europe than in the US; televised snooker is just as popular in the UK as baseball or football in the US.


     There are plenty of sites that allow you to play snooker online; some are completely free, some charge you a monthly or yearly fee to play and some sites, such as offer the chance to play snooker for cash. is a good site that does not charge to play; allows you to play as a guest before registering and opening an account. The easiest way to find a site that you like is to take some time to look around, check out the features and read the small print. Regardless of the site that you choose, you may have to download some kind of software, in order to play online snooker or other games.


     Depending on your skill level and interests, different sites also offer different options for playing online snooker. You can practice by yourself, play in a league or against other players from around the world. Some sites match you depending on your skill level – novice, expert or professional, etc – and some provide instruction and tips. When playing online snooker, the mouse on your computer is used as your snooker cue and allows you to hit shots of different strengths.


     The big difference between snooker and other online games is the level of skill that is required. Snooker is as much a game of strategy and tactics, as it is of skill and real life snooker matches are often long and drawn out. The rules of snooker are certainly more complicated than those of similar games – if your goal is to be a pro at online snooker, it is important to take some time to learn the rules first.