Free Online 9-Ball Games

9-Ball is one of several games that can be played online, either in a tournament for money, or for the fun of it. The origins of the game can be traced back to the 1920s and it is has traditionally been known as a game that is played for money. The game is played with a white cue ball and nine numbered colored balls; the object being to pocket the nine ball in accordance with whatever rules are in effect.


It’s fairly easy to find free 9-ball games online as well as online snooker games, although you will want to spend some time comparing different sites and what they offer. You generally have to register to play on most free sites; once you have done this, it saves time the next time you want to use that site. There are different ways to play free online 9-ball; you can practice by yourself, compete in a tournament or league, or invite another player for a match in what is often known as a private table match.


There are certain things that you should consider when trying to find a free online 9-ball site. Make sure that the site is actually free and your credit card won’t be charged after the initial free trial period. Clear graphics and convincing sound effects can help to make any online ball games more enjoyable; you should also look for a free site that can support many players at once without being slowed down. Some sites tell you how many people are playing at that time.


Some recommended sites for free 9-ball games are, which also offers various other card games and board games; and, which currently boasts over 100,000 members. allows players to win cash prizes, as well as record their high scores for games. not only allows you to practice at your own pace and compete against other players, but also has some of the best tips and hints for playing pool for free , of any site.


If you are trying to find online 9-ball games in which you play for money, you should be careful – the game tends to attract skillful and more experienced players. Unlike other versions of pool, 9-ball tends to have different and varying rules; you may find that different players play to slightly different rules. One feature of the game that is a little bit different is that a player doesn’t need to designate a pocket; and if you are good at combination shots, it can help your game.