Flash-Games.net Billiards

Flash-Games.net Billiards ScreenshopCame across a flash billiards game I hadn't seen before today. It's a quite easy game to play and is actually something a little like the Pocket 'Em All pool game on this site. The site is flash-games.net, I was looking at the billiards game.

You have the options of being able to play one or two player billiards games or you can play against the computer if you are playing on your own and would like a bit of a challenge.

The style of billiards cue shooting is not the easiest to use as you do not line up your mouse on the cue and see a line where the ball goes, instead the ball is shot where your mouse is. This is a reasonably frustrating way to shot the billiards balls especially because this site does not have a pointer or taget where your mouse is, it only has the standard mouse arrow to see where you are aiming the ball.  Generally this makes is hard to pin point and get a good shot happening.