Download pool or flash pool?

Download pool game or flash pool game (instant play pool)

There are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself when you are choosing the online pool game or site that you decide..

to play for cash. First off, do you want to download online pool software to install on your PC/Mac or do you want to play flash pool online without having to download any pool software.

Flash pool online is also known as 'instant play' pool.

If you decide you are comfortable with downloading software onto your PC to play your game of pool then you will have significantly better graphics compared to an instant game. On downloaded pool software there are often extra 3D views that you can see the pool table from. Instant play tables are usually just a downwards view with based graphics. This is really a personal choice depending on the speed of your PC and whether you are on a Dial-up or Broadband internet connection.

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