Custom Pool Cues

Custom Pool Cues should be available in online pool communities

A big part of the pool world are the custom pool cues which every pro pool player has. Many amateurs also have custom cues although it is not quite as common. There are many well respected cuemakers in the including Samsara, Viking, McDermott, Falcon, Jacoby, Mezz, Cuetec, Carmeli, Espiritu, Joss, Tiger, Schon, Meucci, Predator, Scorpion and Morris

Is it time that online pool sites found a way to mimic this?

There could be many advantages in having custom pool cues in an online pool site. Maybe a player who has won a certain number of tournaments can get a pool cue which breaks with slightly more power than your average cue and this is their signature shot. Perhaps an online pool player would prefer to have pool cue which matches their style of going for long-range, difficult shots. There are many ways this could be incorporated into the game, even if it was just at the graphical level where a player had the option to color or brand their custom pool cue with a logo of their choice.

More and more companies are getting onto the social networking band-wagon at the moment and games sites, especially pool sites are very community focused in this way. When you have a community of people like this then their is always the need to distinguish yourself from the crowd (especially where ego's are involved) and that is not really available yet in pool communities

At some stage this feature may come into a site but until then we'd be happy to see at least a little more customisation of pool player's online identities in any way the pool tournement sites can think of.

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