Crazy Pool Game

Crazy Pool Game

There’s a particularly strange game that I’ve just been playing that’s called Crazy Pool. It’s available on and has the wierdest set of rules for an online pool game that I’ve ever seen before.

Crazy Pool, Game 1

After going into the game and having a look around via the practice mode, I have some idea of what the game is about now however it’s still completely odd and appears to have more in common with a pinball game as it does with an actuall game of pool.

One of the main features of the game is that the balls are often attracted to different items that are on the table (that look a little bit like pool balls themselves as well). These can be magnetic (this is how the level #5 is played) and will pull your white ball in close to them if they roll past it.

Then there are other balls and things on the pool table that do things like repell your ball ( so that it spins away in a different direction ) or sometimes they even pull the ball in an make it spin around and around the magnetic thing that it’s now attached to.

Similar to our own online pool game you can actuall hit the ball while it’s still moving which can make things a little more interesting however it’s a very hard game to play because you ball is often swinging around all over the place and you’re not quite sure where it’s going to go to next.

Crazy Pool, Game 2

The game actually runs in different levels, a lot like a normal arcade game where once you pass a certain level then you’re able to get to the next one which is of varying difficulty as they get higher and higher with more things getting in the way of your ball and the final result on the table as the levels get harder.

It does take quite a bit of getting used to as you’re planing the game but once you’ve been playing for a while the crazy pool game canstart to get a little bit addictive.

Crazy Pool, Game 3

As you can see on the screenshots on the right, there are many different balls and configurations that you come across in the game and some of them aren’t as easy to figure out what’s going to happen to you ball as others.

That said there is actually a pop-up at the start of the crazy pool game that gives you a quick and helpful description of what the balls are going to do on this level for you but as is normal for me on games like this, I’m far too interested in actually playing the online pool game to stop and read some instructions!

If you’re thinking of giving the game a go, you can find it here.