Comparing online pool to playing pool in a pub

Comparing playing pool online to playing pool in a pub or pool hall

I was chatting to an online pool player a couple of days ago about the differences in playing pool online compared to playing pool in a pub or in a pool hall. What started to see was that there are very different people who play pool online compared to the 'land-based' pool players.

One of the real differences appears to be age.

You do not usually find younger people playing pool in a pub (of course) or even really in a pool hall yet the players online can come in all ages and often appear to be at school. Parents should be careful when it comes to playing pool online for cash as younger players should not be allowed the chance to wager online.

Some of this younger level online does appear to come from the point that younger people are more comfortable with the online pool experience compared to playing pool in a pub. Older players seem keen to either be playing in a pub or are only interested in playing pool online if there is cash involved.

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