Candystand Billiards Game

Launching the latest billiards game can be an annoying experience, especially when you're going to a site like Candystand which forces you to update to the latest version of Shockwave games software.

After launching the Candystand game page you will often come to a screen which gives you a broken image sign and your browser will let you know if you need to download a new plugin. Usually this is annoying but not too much of a problem as the browser should load the Shockwave plugin without too much fuss. Today I came across something different with a Firefox Shockwave game install where Firefox said it could not install the latest version of the Candystand billiards game on its own. This was

quite surprising and a very big hurdle for trying to get into the game

I was looking forward to seeing what I had been told was an updated game so I continued to try and sort the issue out. It turned out that I had to go to the Adobe Shockwave site itself, download the game plugin, run it from the desktop on my PC and then restart Firefox. What a difficult process just to play an "in browser game"!

The graphics of the new billiard game are pretty cool and I like how they have incorporated the advertising into the game itself by including the logo's on the tables of the game. This is a much more user friendly way of advertising. I'm happy enough to view adverts to be able to play online pool for free but I would prefer that they were well designed into game play itself instead of the usual big block adverts which you have to sit and wait out for so many seconds.

Good luck to everyone who is interested in playing the Candystand game, you can find it here .