Blast Billiards Review – Flash Pool Game

Blast Billiards Review - Screenshot of Billards Game

Blast Billiards is a flash pool game which lets you play at different levels of difficulty with the pool balls actually being mini bombs which are on a countdown until the blast!

You can play the flash pool game for free if you sign in to the game as a Guest however the site prefers you to sign in as a registered user to get what they say are a whole lot of extra benefits.

If you're like me and prefer playing flash pool for free without getting a whole lot of emails into your inbox then you'll be playing the game without registering. There's just as much fun to be had in the game by playing as a guest.

The screenshot to the right is a shot from when I was in playing the game the the Blast Billiards balls were counting down before Blasting!

There are also three other versions of the game which are "Extreme Blast Billiards" and "Ultimate Blast Billiards". So, if you're looking for a bit of variety in your game play then you can choose which one you prefer or you can stick to the original game.

You also get the chance at the end of the billiard (or Billard in French speaking countries) game to enter your nickname in to keep track of your score.