8 Ball Club – holding a pool cue?

8 Ball Club Homepage ScreenshotThis is a new site which has developed a 3D version of 8 Ball and are calling it a "Club" putting black and white western style graphics around the web site. It's quite nicely done.

The point of difference with this 8 ball game is that they are attempting to offer the most realistic pool playing shot by trying to re-create the feeling of holding the pool cue in your hand. This is a pretty big claim for an 8 ball club playing live internet pool games as there is no feedback which can be given that would make your hand feel like it was holding the cue.

There are other 8 ball games out there which mimick holding the pool cue (the Skyworks game talked about in our last article is one of them) however the lack of feedback to your hand means you will not really feel like you are holding the pool cue in the pool game .