How to Play Online Pool

Learn how to play in easy steps

This will become not only the best page for pool playing tips and tricks, it will also show you through the basics of how to play online pool.

Each suggestion below will be open to your own choice and as often as possible you’ll be able to see a FAQ on how to play online pool from the site that runs the pool games itself as well.

1. First step in playing online pool is finding the right site that you would like to play at. There are many sites around where you can start looking. I’ll add more sites that you may be interested in playing online pool at.

2. Choose between download pool games or in browser flash pool games. If you get this right and you can find the right style of pool play then you’ll have a much more productive game. Some download pool games are needed when a persons internet connection is not quick enough to allow them to play flash pool games. This is especially true of tournment play.

3. Decide how long you are going to play for in each sitting so that you don’t get tired.

4. Test if you are ready to play the multiplayer game by playing single player first.

5. Check the rules on the game you are playing, there are often different rules from pubs and pool halls.

6. Check the terms and conditions of the site you are playing on. If it is a cash pool tournament that you’re about to play in there can be some very tight conditions on what the site will or will not allow. I read the terms and conditions on one site recent (a flash pool site) where if the browser was refreshed at any time during the tournament the player would forfeit all their winnings! Be careful out there..

7. more to come…

If you didn’t find what you were looking for in our news articles you could always play an interactive multiplayer 3D online pool game like PoolStars.